Volunteer Opportunities
Be a Master Gardener Volunteer!

The AMGA has been planning and maintaining the gardens at the Pioneer Home for over 20 years. The gardens are truly appreciated by all that see them and bring joy to the residents of the home. You can help by becoming a Pioneer Home Volunteer.

AMGA volunteers plant, water, weed and clean out the gardens every summer. Early in June, a work group of 10-15 plant the gardens. During the summer, basic garden maintenance is done by teams of Master Gardeners each week, averaging about 4 hours per person. In the fall it's clean out time for the work group. Along the way you will hear plenty of compliments on the gardens and how they affect the lives of the people that view them.

To become a Pioneer Home garden volunteer email, amga@alaska.net

AMGA volunteers are available for other community service projects such as teaching gardening to children, assisting at community gardens or non-profit organizations, presenting at local gardening events, and judging at gardening exhibitions. To request volunteers to participate in these activities, contact Harry Deuber, President: denali542@yahoo.com, 440-6372.



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